On Iran: Don’t Snap Back, Step Up

By Alistair Millar

Newsletter article — 18 August 2020

“On Iran: Don’t Snap Back, Step Up,” by Alistair Millar in INFORUM No. 4, 18 August 2020.

The G8’s Counterterrorism Action Group: Leaving Takes Leadership

By Alistair Millar

Newsletter article — June 2013

This article focuses on the role of the G8 as a global leader on countering terrorism, with the foresight to step away and let others, such as the Global Counter Terrorism Forum, take the lead on counterterrorism capacity building.

Multilateral Counterterrorism: Harmonizing Political Direction and Technical Expertise

By Alistair Millar

Newsletter article — December 2010

This brief, published by the Stanley Foundation, finds that input from technical experts is essential to keep those who set the agenda from putting all the attention on a narrow set of current hot spots and missing opportunities to prevent future hubs of terrorism from emerging.

Developing Regional Counterterrorism Cooperation in South Asia

By Alistair Millar

Newsletter article — December 2009

In light of the 2008 attacks in Mumbai and numerous terrorist attacks since, this article in the CTC Sentinel looks at the pressing need and prospects for developing a regional approach to intelligence sharing, law enforcement, and other forms of counterterrorism cooperation in South Asia. It highlights some of the challenges to developing effective regional counterterrorism cooperation in South Asia by looking at the counterterrorism efforts of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation.