Noor Ghazi: Helping bring peace to her fellow Iraqis

By Anna Romandash

Interview — 6 June 2023

Noor Ghazi, an Iraqi-American activist, tells Anna Romandash about her journey to peacebuilding, her work with US and Iraqi students and peace activists, and how she supports youth in her home country recover from war trauma. Published in Peace Insight.

“Noor Ghazi: Helping bring peace to her fellow Iraqis,” in Peace Insight, 6 June 2023.

Women’s Freedom in Iraq: A Conversation With Yanar Mohammed

By Anna Romandash

Interview — 4 May 2023

Published in Manara Magazine, Fourth Freedom Forum Brembeck Fellow Anna Romandash interviews Yanar Mohammed, a well-known Iraqi feminist, for her perspective on Iraq twenty years after the US-led war as it still struggles with the consequences of the war.

“Women’s Freedom in Iraq: A Conversation With Yanar Mohammed,” in Manara Magazine, 4 May 2023.

Rachel Martin interview with David Cortright on NPR’s Morning Edition

By David Cortright

Audio — 4 January 2022

The U.S. warns Russia it faces sanctions if it invades Ukraine. Do sanctions work? NPR’s Rachel Martin interviews David Cortright on Morning Edition.

Listen >> (4:45)

Behind the Sanctions against Iran

By David Cortright

Audio — 29 October 2007

The U.S. has announced new sanctions against Iran. David Cortright explores the implications.

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U.S. Punishes Myanmar’s Leadership: Will it Help?

By David Cortright

Audio — 27 September 2007

David Cortright affirms sanctions as an effective instrument to economically harm the leaders of the ruling military regime, but more importantly, to send a message of support and solidarity to the democracy movement within the country.

Listen >> (3:43)